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    Refreshing scent

    I bought this in the lavender scent. The scent is light and refreshing. I have used this on my skin, scalp and hair and this is very refreshing.ProsThe scent is lovely for topical application or to freshen up a small room. This is soothing and calming. I can't speak to it's moisturizing capabilities since I use it in conjunction with shea butter to moisturize.ConsI wish this came in a larger bottle. I will run out of this very quickly with regular use.

    12 October 2020
    Ms. H

    Not worth $10

    The scent (which I love) dissipates quickly. It doesn't last 5 minutes. I'm disappointed ! For the price of $10 I should be able to enjoy it a lot longer!

    11 October 2020
    Annette Ball

    Its a no from me

    Didnt like it at all. Smell was quite disappointing and unpleasant.

    7 October 2020

    Smells off, plastic bottle. Stay away

    Smells slightly off. Like it smells like lavender oil that’s been mixed with water and left in a bottle for 6 months at room temperature. Plastic brown bottle when I was expecting brown glass. Expiration date says good until 03/2022 which is curiously long. Also says to store at room temperature; normally you store hyrdosols in the drive.

    1 September 2020

    Don’t throw your money away on plain water!

    This product is horrible! I thought I was ordering a nice Lavender body mist, but paid for a tiny plastic spray bottle full of water! Has literally no scent, disappears as soon as you spray it. What a waste.

    31 August 2020
    Gail Martin


    Habe erstmal gekauft und war nicht enthusiastisch aber finde das Wasser sehr angenehm und beruhigend für meine Haut.

    12 August 2020
    Sophie Golden

    Sadly disappointing

    Smells great when first sprayed but the fragrance disappears within seconds.Maybe I got a bad batch ,with too much water added or something. Very disappointed.I see nothing great about this spray, will not buy again or recommend.

    2 August 2020
    Christobel Lilac

    Soft scent is pleasing

    Soft scent pleasing. Product arrived undamaged which is saying something because it is a liquid in a small bottle. Sprayer works perfectly

    29 July 2020
    Ms. Ladybug