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    Smells lovely

    Does not smell medicinal has a lovely fragrance.

    17 February 2021

    Great smell!

    Love this!

    15 February 2021
    melanie Doche Feliciano

    Smells fantastic!

    I LOVE this stuff. What an amazing smell! I just wish it lasted longer. Though, to be honest, it might, and I just can’t smell it anymore, like with perfume. You just get used to it and can’t smell it anymore... It smells fantastic though. Super love.

    19 December 2020
    Amy Good


    Love the smell and the benefits are perfect for my at-home beauty products that I make. Thank you!

    1 December 2020
    F. Hatcher

    Scent is nice but barely discernible.

    The fragrance is lovely but so light it is barely discernible and fades almost immediately.

    8 November 2020
    Dale Meghan

    Smells weird and plastic bottle

    Others said this was in a glass bottle but I received a very dark brown plastic bottle. This makes it hard to see if the fluid is cloudy (an indicator on if it is going bad) The expiration date says good until 08/2022 which is a very long time for a hydrosol and has me worried that it has an added preservative that isn’t on the label. As for smell it is unlike others I have had. It smells like I’m stripping the bark off of an orange tree-that sharp green slightly orange blossom smell, not pleasant.

    1 September 2020

    Very Nice

    I am using it as a facial toner.

    17 August 2020
    Carol Adams

    I love!!

    I use it in the morning to refresh my face, and at night after cleaning my face and then apply my routine treatment. it gives me a feeling of freshness and well-being. I actually bought it to help me relax.

    14 August 2020
    Martha Pinkelman