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    Good quality!

    Is so good and refreshing

    23 February 2021
    Elsa Moya


    refreshing and relaxing

    20 February 2021

    Plastic bottle

    I thought this was a pleasant spray; too bad the case is plastic. Unfortunately I will not be repurchasing due to the plastic bottle.

    19 February 2021

    great product!

    smells perfect, just like actual rose geranium! received super fast too.

    17 February 2021
    kimberly hahlbeck

    Not enough scent

    I really wanted a strong geranium scent and this product doesn’t have it.

    16 February 2021
    brooke williams

    Cools Me Down!!

    This little spay bottle is full of the most beautiful smelling rose water potion and I use it several times a day as a facial freshener! I become easily over warmed and with only several spritzes of my Rose Geranium Hydrosol, I am cooled down and ready to start up again!

    27 November 2020
    Lucy Beliveau

    Rosie smell

    I love this product, I use in the morning and at night as a toner, after washing my face I spray some in my face and let air dry before applying my serum and moisturizer. It has a nice rose smell and it’s refreshing!

    21 November 2020
    john sperduti

    Not sure if this is a true hydrosol

    The liquid makes a foam when I shake the bottle, this is what makes me doubt about its properties. It is known that some labs add essential oils and a solubiliser to water and sell it like a hydrosol, but a true hydrosol is not made by this way. The solubiliser turns the liquid into foam, and that is why I guess this product contains a solubiliser. Although it smells good and can be used for another purposes instead of a therapeutic one.

    16 September 2020