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    package has been dropped on the locker room in the gym

    package has been dropped on the locker room in the gym so my leasing office notify me after 1 week regarding my package they were on the office .but i received now my order thank you and he smell so goood

    7 July 2020

    Good stuff

    Good stufff. Smells great. I’ll buy from company again.

    2 July 2020
    jason sondles

    The scent on this product is strong in a good way. Does not fade.

    I have tried other Myrrh oils that do not smell as good nor last anywhere near as long. It is actually amazing. I will not buy any other oil as long as these people keep producing this product.

    26 June 2020
    Robert A.

    Best high quality oil:)

    This is the best Myrrh essential oils I've ever used. I'm fond of using oils for everything-beauty, cleansing, medicinal uses, in diffusers, and so on. I have invested a lot in some high priced oils from YL and doTerra,. I must say that this brand does the same job as the other high-end brands. I believe I feel these are even better quality than those. Right from the first use I loved it so much, I have ordered another one, sandalwood(absolutely breathtaking fragrance) Bay leaf and Rosemary I doubled the order of each oil, they are that good. And the price point is so reasonable too. Thank you for offering such high-quality essential oils.

    21 June 2020
    G A

    Prompt service

    Smells nice using it in lotions

    19 June 2020


    Excellent product. Very pleased.

    12 June 2020

    This is a winner!!!!!!!

    High quality Fantastic scent Relaxing and pain relieving Great for skin ( added to face lotion at 1% dilution and body lotion at 2% dilution)

    9 June 2020

    great smell

    Great smell

    8 June 2020
    sandra tanzi