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    It was the first time I purchased this product. Much to my surprise, it's now my go to. I love the smell and way it feels on my skin. Great for massaging sore muscles. I LOVE IT!! Thank you!!

    16 April 2020
    Paige Nelson

    My favorite Smell and Feel

    This is my first product like this in a long time...I'm kinda using it like a face and head lotion...seems to make my hair nice after a shower, some shampoos seem to dry out my hair. I put a little on face and neck..I feel refreshed most of the day...I believe this is the best, personal oil, I have purchased in a long while..Probably get another bottle, maybe another fragrance as well..This was a good buy for me...Thank youMave

    14 April 2020


    I was very satisfied with your product. I used your product to give my wife a back & shoulder massage to relieve pain due to knots and sore back cause of working long hours as Administration clerk . Thanks for keeping your product affordable, too

    12 April 2020
    Ricardo Prenger

    Very nice scent, doesn't leave you feeling greasy. very happy

    Must admit I am very happy with this product, smells great, is easy to work with and it doesn't leave the skin greasy or itchy. One thing I would just say for couples looking to buy this, Be careful if that simple back massage turns a bit fruity and leads onto a bit of passion, the eucalyptus in the oil can be a bit much for those sensitive parts if accidentally touched ;)

    9 April 2020
    Daniel williamson

    High quality

    Really quick delivery, the oil smells brilliant and it does work well and gives good coverage

    6 April 2020
    David Boyce

    Hoos presentation

    I only started using it so I don't know how effective is it. It arrived on time though.

    5 April 2020

    Great product with very nice relief. I'm not sure if we have bought 5 bottles now. Great product!

    I was looking for something that would help my hip pain. I was wonderfully surprised that it did help and so quickly. I Have used products like biofreeze. They helped but they're not a messaging lotion. They don't go as deep as this did. *** My wife has severe arthritis in her shoulders. I can give her a 5 minute message with this and her pain goes away. I am not a fan of taking perscribed drugs when something safe works. We now have purchased 4 bottles now. We live in the country. Our garden is large and very productive this year but it can make you sore. We will use it allot.

    3 April 2020
    R. Larson



    30 March 2020
    Galen G.