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    Not good

    I bought this scent, after several from Gyalabs, since I have two little child's I thought that it will be good for them. I was wrong, it doesn't smell at all, I put 5 drops per 100 ml water in diffuser and doesn't smell at all. If you put nose near the diffuser, you will feel it, but scent is notnihg special, save your money and buy bergamot, it smells very good.

    21 July 2021

    It works

    Love the sent

    7 February 2021

    This oil has hardly any scent when I use it in my diffuser! Really disappointed.

    I have a massage business and used this particular scented oil in my diffuser the day after it came in the mail. This oil produces hardly any scent or aroma in the air. Really disappointed in this purchase. Won't be buying again.

    29 January 2021

    Buen producto

    Muy rico aroma

    29 January 2021

    Good product

    Scent is not strong and smells good.

    22 January 2021

    Little to no scent this go around

    So I ordered sweet orange once before among a few other sents & it came partially gone as it wasn't sealed with plastic wrap & leaked during shipping. It still smelled great & quickly became one of my favorites. I ordered a new bottle that came sealed in plastic this time & was full but has very little sent compared to the first one. I put it in my diffuser & there is barely any scent. Not sure what's up with the inconsistency.

    15 January 2021
    Kristi H.

    Great scent!

    I loved the scent but I have to take the entire top off to get anything out. I think this particular one was faulty because I got another scent and it worked just fine.

    12 January 2021
    Tammy H

    It came leaking

    When I opened the box I could already smell it because it has been leaking.

    10 January 2021