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    Good quality

    I like this brand after getting 2 oils of good quality; will keep buying from them. Not over priced because of an MLM structure, so I appreciate that.

    5 June 2018
    Melanie J.

    best smell

    Really beautiful citrusy smell, better than sweet orange or lemongrass or bergamot. Only downfall is that I did order it for my acne prone skin and you have to be really careful with may chang because it does not work well with all skin types and my skin is very sensitive to it so I cannot even use it in carrier oil. Maybe a very light solution as massage oil only. But again, this is different for everyone and I have sensitive skin so it irritated my face like alcohol on open wound.

    3 June 2018
    Ene-Liis teppo

    Mindful and Focused

    I have been more focused since adding this to my morning routine. Best suggest I have received in a long time. EVER!

    28 April 2018

    Clean citrusy, floral scent-really nice!

    nice fresh clean floral scent. Love it!

    6 April 2018