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    Makes scents.

    Nice oil. Fragrance is light. Price is average.

    17 January 2022
    Shelia g.

    Some Scents are Good, Others Not So Much

    The bottle had apparently opened and leaked about a third of it out by the time it arrived. You can see the color difference in the two boxes in the photo. The scent of the that spilled (ylang ylang) reminds me of old bathroom potpourri and has a distinct “grandma’s house” smell to it. Not my favorite, even if it had arrived intact.Also purchased cedar wood. Does not smell like cedar. Reminiscent of ladybugs or pretty much any other insect.The orange scent is lovely. The sandalwood smells good. The patchouli smells good but only after it is exposed to the air for a bit (it has a weedy smell for a while). When dry/aerated, it smells peppery and distinctly like dried basil seeds (which do not smell at all like basil).

    17 January 2022

    Great if you can stand Smell of ANISE/ LICORICE?

    I was not prepared for strong fragrance of this smells betweenpotent LICORICE and Stinky Feet!Bottle claims it’s Mood Enhancer, Antiseptic ?I’m not sure .... I do keep sniffing bottle in case this is true? My 20 year old daughter don’t aggravate me as badly when I do wear this oil on my shoulder.... MAYBE this Fragrance HELPS To REPEL our bratty Lazy adult kids?

    16 January 2022
    Tea lover

    Very Nice Aroma

    Product shipped timely. I mainly use ylang-ylang to blend with other scents in aromatherapy and for room deodorant sprays. This product is an excellent scent, and I expect it to blend well with other oils, though this oil is a very nice aroma on its own, for those who prefer to use it straight.

    16 January 2022
    Lawrence S. Williams


    I absolutely love this oil. I use it for stress and headache relief. It smells like gardenias but the only issue I had was the spout that is use to dispense the oil sucks, so when I buy it I take the spout out. I’ve ordered multiple times and will continue to do so

    16 January 2022
    Candace Turley


    Beautiful scent for making my skin toners!!!!!! A little upset because my bottle arrived empty but I bought another one and unfortunately the discount code they sent me did not work so I gave up but will order again. I waited the proper amount of time but it just never worked. A little frustrating but I love the oil so much that I just let it go. Things happen!

    16 January 2022

    Fruity & Floral Scent At The Same Time

    Has both a fruity & floral scent at the same time. Once on the skin, the scent lasts longer than most essential oils. Perhaps not as long as official perfume or cologne, but definitely lasts a while. The oil is thick, so it stays on the skin well. I bought a few other essential oils of this brand and overall am happy with the quality.

    16 January 2022

    Great scent

    This is a wonderful essential oil to have. It has a light fresh smell. I use it in my diy hand sanitizers and of course diffuser. This brand is authentic and affordable. I’ve bought many from them and they never disappoint.

    15 January 2022