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    Smells sooooo good

    Haven't had this long enough for it to work on my pain, but they smell so lovely, that that in itself is relaxing

    15 January 2022

    Just the Sweetest Scent!

    You will love this little bottle of Ylang Ylang! Diffuse it, or use it for pain or stress relief. It's a great price and a wonderful essential oil to add your collection!

    15 January 2022
    Alice Seidel

    Not for men

    Smells like cinnamon and flowers. Great product if you're into that scent. Its in a glass bottle and a terrible opening.

    15 January 2022

    Great! If you can get it out of the bottle.

    Smells great! But hard to get anything out of the bottle. Lots of shaking and won’t drip out. Will update if I figure out another way to get it out.

    15 January 2022

    Great size. Smells lovely!

    Was not expecting such a huge bottle and the pipepet is a great addition. Pleased.

    Dry Skin
    All Skin Types
    15 January 2022
    Christianne Ives

    High Quality Essential Oil

    I received my Ylang Ylang Oil and I love it. It’s the nicest I have ever experienced. I have Scentsy warmers that I fill with Himalayan salt crystals and sprinkle with essential oils. With this product I use only half of what I have to use with other brands. I plan to order more oils from this company soon.

    14 January 2022
    Baker's Girl


    I have just started buying oils to make perfume and this is by far my favorite scent. I purchased another brand of Ylang and this is far better. All of the oils from Gya have been great. I ordered another bottle of Ylang from them and just ordered a bottle of vanilla also. Good stuff. Thanks Gya.

    14 January 2022
    David Crawford

    A+ Oil!

    This is a quality oil with an elegant sweet and subtle scent.It is very easy to dispense since it has a built in dropper.

    14 January 2022
    Wendy J