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    Subtle, clean scent

    It's not the scent I was looking for--it's a bit more powdery smelling than other Ylang Ylang oils--but it's a fresh scent and six drops was sufficient in my oil dispensers to fill the house with fragrance. A small bottle (I ordered 10ml) will go a long ways, so I'm recommending it.

    13 January 2022
    AZ Kindle Customer

    Great smell. Nozzle doesnt work well.

    Prodect smells amazing. Scent doesn't last very long. Doesnt want to come out of bottle. I had to put it into a different container.

    12 January 2022
    Shauna Thomas

    Ylang Ylang?!?

    Honestly, I didn’t really know what Ylang Ylang was or was supposed to smell like. My fiancé bought me a diffuser for Christmas, so I was Pinterest-ing different recipes for it. Came across quite a few calling for this scent, so I decided to give it a shot. Smells amazing and very relaxing! :-)

    12 January 2022

    More please

    This is the first time I got to smell the amazing ylang ylang. Soo good, I personally love it. The drops come out very slow! Im not used to it, mainly using mainstays essential oils that just pour out. I use in diffuser, homemade sprays/febreeze.

    12 January 2022

    Very nice additive to the message oil.

    Great part of the message oil made. When an hour plus message lasts thru the day and night and actually taking any pain and tension.

    12 January 2022
    Michael B.

    Not the smell I was expecting UPDATE: Smell is pleasant

    ***Picture for size comparison***I'm giving this a three because I'm not in love with the smell. I've been using it in combination with other oils and it seems to work better.Update: I've come to appreciate the aroma and it brings a sense of happiness.

    12 January 2022

    One of My Favorite Things in Life is Saying "Ylang Ylang"

    Ylang Ylang is one of my favorite essential oils, not just because one of the greatest pleasures in life is saying "Ylang Ylang," but because I love the scent and how it mixes with other oils in my diffuser. Ylang Ylang is great-great.

    11 January 2022
    Derek Davis

    Lovely scent

    Lovely scent, fresh oil, as advertised. I don’t use for pain.

    11 January 2022
    Janice P