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    It’s wonderful!

    I have always loved the way ylang ylang smells, so finding oil was the highlight of my day!The only problem I have is that it’s hard to get the oil out, but if it came out faster I’d probably drench myself....that wouldn’t be good either. I just love it.

    24 January 2022

    Very good oil.

    I've ordered this product a couple of times now. It always comes on time. The good news is that it is a great quality oil. If you like Ylang Ylang, this is a nice quality and good scent.

    23 January 2022

    A much appreciated essential oil!

    use this oil every day. Ylang Ylang promotes calmness and serenity. I don't use a perfume so this fits the bill. This is my second purchase of this essential oil. I love it. I do wish the fragrance lasted a little longer, but I reapply once more, and it lasts all day. This will always be my choice

    23 January 2022
    Cindy N

    Smells Good!!!!

    This smells so good. I used it in my infuser, a few drops in very warm water. My bedroom smells wonderful and I get such a peaceful, restful night. I have tried many essential oils, and this one is one of my absolute favorites.

    23 January 2022
    Annette Drake

    Not the ylang ylang fragrance I know and love

    This oil smells different from the other ylang-ylang oils I had from an other brand. This has a powdery weird smell vs my ylang ylang I used a while back. That had a sensual very pleasant fragrance but this one disappoints. I just may end up returning sorry.Tried using it in my diffuser and the place started to smell like a run down funeral parlor, ughhh.

    23 January 2022

    Love the scent

    Seriously smells good to me. Could be a light perfume. Not sure yet if I am more calm, intelligent or have less pain. I will be more observant now that I have been asked! It feels comforting to rub on my temples.

    23 January 2022

    Sweet and nostalgic

    Amazingly delicious , this product has never disappointed me. I spend so much on essential oils and this one beats all of them including in price . I can’t stop smelling this one in particular .

    22 January 2022

    Pleasant scent throughout my home.

    Provides a pleassnt sent for the whole house.

    22 January 2022
    Sharon Brashear