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    Not too pleased

    The smell is overpowering. I am not sure If other brands of Neroli oil are also so overpowering. I read a lot of reviews about Neroli Oil that said it had a strong but pleasant smell. I am a newcomer to the Essential Oil world and trying different products. I thought I would give your brand a shot. I have not been able to find out anywhere whether your oils are chemically processed or not or if it is ingestible. As a result at this time I don’t plan on trying other scents from your company.Being I am a newcomer, I am not sure this is a fair review. But I am writing it mainly to let you know you need more info on your website about the products themselves.

    8 April 2018
    Linda Willett

    best Neroli oil I've purchased

    yep, best Neroli oil I've purchased

    7 April 2018

    Smells wonderful

    First neroli oil I ever had but it smells wonderful , makes me wonder if it’s pure or has additives

    24 March 2018
    john vavryshko jr


    I've never actually been to the morrocan fields but this oil took me there when I caught whiff of it's scent. Very strong smelling, one drop goes a long way.The scent has a strange calming yet romantic feeling to it. Neroli, also known as Orange blossom is now one of my favourite oils.

    6 March 2018

    beautiful long-lasting scent

    Lovely Neroli Oil.....beautiful long-lasting scent.......this smells very pure and it

    20 February 2018

    Amazing smelling neroli I have extremely sensitive smell if the ...

    Amazing smelling neroli I have extremely sensitive smell if the essential oils are not good or pure I don't like them. This smells great it looks like the company may be Malaysian I was skeptical reguarding the quality however am very happy even though it was 20.00

    10 February 2018